Policies & Waiver

Policies & Waiver

All rentals require you to review & check off upon booking. For the fun and safety of all our clients, we ask that you kindly respect the following policies with your rental. 

Payment Policy

A 50% deposit is required at the time of booking your rental, plus the damage deposit.  The balance is due at pick up.  Payment can be made by email money transfer or cash. All rentals are subject to a refundable $100 damage / cleaning deposit which is returned by EMT within 48 hours after inspection of the unit.  Damage deposits will be returned within 48 hours following the return of the rental by the rentee and inspection by Innisfil Bouncy Castle Rentals to ensure no damage, missing items or excessive cleaning. Please contact us if you have any questions.


By signing this document, you are agreeing to the terms of use and proper care of the rental equipment and release Innisfil Bouncy Castle Rentals and their owners / representatives of any and all claims. Renters must abide by the enclosed policies and ensure that guests are also following the proper use of the rental equipment. 

Proper Install of Equipment

Bouncy castles MUST be installed on a FLAT, DRY GRASS surface.  Absolutely no concrete or other hard surface installs i.e. driveways, parking lots, etc.  For safety, ground stakes MUST be installed to ensure that the castle does not lift from the surface or become displaced.  For detailed installation instructions and demo video, please visit our websites Set Up info tab at  If at any time during your rental you require assistance, please contact us. Alternatively, we offer install & delivery service when applicable. 

Cleaning Of Equipment (**especially important for wet bouncy rentals!)

Our bouncy castles are offered clean, ready for use, and are inspected between rentals to ensure quality.  We kindly ask that you return the castle the way that it was given to you in order to ensure your full deposit return. i.e. please sweep out the castle of any grass, sand or debris.  Ensure that the castle is DRY and aired out prior to packing in the storage container.  Wet bouncy castles should be left to dry out completely before folding.  Should the castle require mild cleaning, a damp cloth with water is appropriate to use. DO NOT USE ANY HARSH detergents on the canvas. Bouncy castles returned dirty unreasonably will not be returned their cleaning / damage deposit. 

Please note, we keep our rentals the most AFFORDABLE option locally because of our DIY model which we ask that you please pick up and return your rental clean, dry and ready for the next rental (the way you receive it).  We inspect between rentals and are fine to do minor drying, sweeping and cleaning in between for our customers; but returning a bouncy sopping wet, covered in mud and grass filthy WILL forfeit your deposit.  

Damage Policy 

A $100 fully refundable cleaning and damage fee is collected at the time of each booking. Within 48 hours of the return of the bouncy castle, our team will inspect the castle for any possible damage / excessive cleaning needs and advise if a deduction is to be made from the damage deposit.   In the unlikely event that the bouncy castle or parts are damaged beyond repair or forgotten / lost, the rentee shall be responsible for the full replacement value cost of the bouncy castle as outlined in this agreement.

Proper Use of Equipment

  • Castles should NEVER be used in the rain or with water (unless a wet bouncy castle). 

  • Should the castle become wet i.e by unexpected rain, please ensure to dry it out thoroughly before packing away. Packing up a wet bouncy castle leads to canvas molding and it happens QUICK!

  • Shoes must NEVER be worn in the bouncy castle

  • We suggest that SOCKS are worn for sanitary reasons

  • No food or toys are to be brought into the castle at any time

  • Please leave the appropriate distances around the castle to ensure proper room for flux and safe passage (at least 3 feet on all sides).

  • Ensure the safety of children when using bouncy castles. NO rough play or exceeding max amount of jumpers / age & weight restrictions

  • Bounce with feet only. NO somersaults or horse play to prevent injuries.

  • It is best the children of similar age / size bounce at the same time

  • Children under 1 year of age or over 6 years of age are not recommended to use a bouncy castle.

Pick-up / Drop Off Info

Pick up and drop off of the rental is to the address on this form, unless otherwise made arrangements for.  Please make arrangements for your pick up and drop off time within our normal rental hours of 8am – 8pm.

Note: it is critical that the bouncy castles are returned ON TIME, so as to not impede on the next day's rental. Late rentals will be deducted from your deposit and additional rental fees will apply. 

Late Policy 

Rentals are provided PER DAY from 8am until 8pm.  If you require your rental outside of these times, please select the additional day options and make arrangements accordingly.  Late return penalties will be deducted from the damage / cleaning deposit.  

Rain  / Reschedule Policy 

We DO NOT want the castles to be used in the rain.  As a result, we offer a NO QUESTIONS ASKED reschedule for any of our rentals, should there be rain in the forecast.  If you would like to reschedule your date, please CONTACT US to make arrangements.  We will make a best effort to accommodate your new date.  Note that the rain policy reschedule ONLY APPLIES if that bouncy castle is not picked up and used for the original agreed upon date.  

Rental Period

8am - 8pm unless otherwise specified or arranged.

Our Location

Innisfil Ontario Canada (Lefroy)